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Various products of Pellet Making Machine, providing product images and basic parameters with each Pellet Making Machine and Wood Pellet Making Machine; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Pellet Making Machine, and look forward to your cooperation!

Pellet Making Machine

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Pellet Making Machine

Disc granulator also named as disc pan granulator, is a pellet making machine that converts fine powdery material into small pellet for further processing, it`s installed with a certain angle to the ground, with the gravity, centrifugal force and fraction force, the powdery material will become small pellet and discharged from the granulating machine, it can be used in the following industries:

Construction material: cement plant, LECA manufacturing plant, oil proppant production plant

Fertilizer plant: NPK fertilizer production plant, compound fertilizer manufacturing plant

Mineral processing plant: alumina processing plant from bauxite

Disc granulator

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